Blockchain has no real-world use-cases

Let's proof them wrong



Cocol utilizes Crystal to enable rapid prototyping and to increase the accessibility for developers and welcome the Ruby community at once.

Crystal – like Ruby – is a cut to the chase kinda language. Think streetfood, delicious and filling. (gluten/lactose/soy/sugar free options available) It has the potential to speak to everyone without judging.

Cocol tries to be the same for Blockchain Technologies. We want to iterate rapidly and numerously, to fail often, stand up again and find the right solution.

Cocol is in alpha and has a few modules like PoW and Probfin. Rudementary p2p gossip to get you going. So we rely on the community to develop more modules and get it to the next level.

Go and break stuff

Cocol (main repo)
Proof of Work
Probabilistic Finality
Cocol Wallet

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